Shire! Shire for September


September 30, 2013 by phicks2012

Anyone at all who has been following my BLOG knows by now that way back in 2002 when I needed to fill a half-page space in my monthly SCA Newsletter “The Equinox” I created a comic strip that was expected to achieve quick and total oblivion. For inspiration, I used the SCA persona of an actual person, and to my eternal amazement the strip was a hit and other people also wanted to be lampooned. Amazing?! My victims provided me with so many hints for things they might be doing in the comics that eventually, I wound up doing four single-panel strips a month to simply keep up with the flow of ideas. The ideas are still flowing – for all that some of the characters have changed.

I like to believe that I’ve made a few upgrades over the years, better capturing the likenesses of the people and of the pop culture characters around me who continue to serve as inspiration. I hope you agree, since I’m going to continue sharing these images.

In previous BLOG installments, I reprinted small selections of strips from the various years, but now I’ve reached the present time, so it is now my plan to run the comics only once a month as they are published.

The comics continue to be archived at for anyone wanting to check them out, and I do allow them to be reprinted in other SCA newsletters if the local Chroniclers contact me for permission.

I know very well that it is not my destiny to be mentioned fondly along with da Vinci or Raphael, but I do enjoy the ongoing fun of doing the strips! Below, therefore, are the comics released in September of 2013, and I hope you enjoy them.


shireshire-1309a shireshire-1309b shireshire-1309d shireshire-1309c

2 thoughts on “Shire! Shire for September

    • phicks2012 says:

      It’s a good thing I still get such a kick out of doing these comics, and that I can still be so easily “inspired” by the antics and quirks and personalities of others! Laughter is just WAY too good for me!

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