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September 16, 2013 by phicks2012

Having written, in sadness, a number of eulogies to friends who have passed on, it occurred to me that I really ought to balance those out by creating verses in celebration of friends still numbered among the living.

As a result, I’ve now written a number of poems dedicated (either outright or by inferrence) to people around me who, for one reason or another, have inspired such verses.

The verse below was dedicated to Alicia (mka Ariel), who seemed to like it, thereby making me feel safe in including it (while mentioning her name) in my BLOG.

I hope you enjoy it, because I enjoyed writing it.


Beginnings do not destinations decree,
And all transformations occur by degree.
We pass through life’s stages, more painful for some,
Traversing a rainbow to what we’ll become.

Some spirits begin wearing forms that endure,
While others wear shapes that are somehow unsure,
And from their beginnings diverge over time,
To alter their shadows; their reasons and rhymes.

Those fashioned as tigers, they do not pretend
To rise up as eagles to soar on the wind,
And in their high aeries the eagles don’t dream
Of springing from grasses where buffalo teem.

The tiger’s a tiger from first to last breath;
The eagle’s an eagle from birth unto death;
Their faces and destinies they don’t exchange,
But butterflies rise only after a change.

Though not born to breezes, in spring’s early light,
They hunger to rise on the air and take flight,
And sample the nectars of flowering things,
And learn how to float on diaphanous wings.

But first they must change e’er they rise from the earth
Discarding the forms they were given at birth,
To sip the wild sweetness the climbing rose brings,
Aloft on the wind wearing butterfly wings.

[24 January 2013]


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