Friday the 13th: A Retrospective

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September 13, 2013 by phicks2012

So…in honor of today’s date, just how many Friday the 13th Movies are there at this point anyway? How many times has Jason in his hockey mask managed to survive so that yet another sequel can be trotted out and yet more people — I’m not sure it’s still only hysterical teenagers — can die in horrible, bloody ways for the entertainment of slasher movie fans and special effects aficionados? How many more times can he survive before someone finally shoves him into a vat of molten steel — or would he manage to come back even from that? Probably as some sort of metal-coated killer automaton like the Terminator? When do they so run out of ideas for horror that we wind up with Friday the 13th, the Musical?

To tell you the truth, I might actually like that! Thus far the only entertainment I’ve ever gotten out of a Friday the 13th movie was once when, years ago, a boyfriend at the time took a recorder to a drive-in movie and, God only knows why, recorded the entire soundtrack of one of those movies. He was a fan of bad slasher movies, Motorhead played at ear-splitting volume, and driving like a total maniac, but I liked him anyway, at the time, and he did have a wonderfully warped sense of humor. In any case, he brought the recording with him on a camping trip to the North Georgia mountains and played it for us, thinking, I assume, that in the silent depths of the woods it would be frightening. But the thing was that somehow, without the video, the audio alone was not at all frightening. It was hysterically funny.

I very much prefer “funny” to “gratuitously violent”, so I made myself a promise that if ever again I was subjected to a Friday the 13th movie and simply could not escape, I would just put on a blindfold (or failing that close my eyes) and have myself a good laugh. Either that, or I’ll wait for the Musical.

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