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August 30, 2013 by phicks2012

I am a sports fan. Mind you, that doesn’t mean I enjoy jogging, or working out at a gym, or sweating to workout videos. The sports I enjoy participating in are things like snow skiing, scuba diving, horseback riding, hiking (in great scenic settings), and swimming. Some of these things you really shouldn’t do alone (scuba leaps immediately to mind) and others just aren’t as much fun solo, and I don’t do any of them as much as I’d like to, but those are the sorts of things I enjoy actually doing.

As a spectator, I enjoy watching Olympic style sports like Figure Skating & Gymnastics (both of which I WISH I could do), Skiing, Swimming & Diving, and some of the Track & Field, and I actually enjoy watching Curling. God only knows why, but there you have it! I like catching an occasional Baseball game, and in the past have been seen at the odd Rugby match, but the sport I really love to watch is Football (American Football, that is) both College and Pro. Funny how often I’ve wound up in relationships with men who don’t much care for sports at all. Can you say “Role Reversal”?

When Football season starts I tend to spend rather a lot more time actually paying attention to my TV Set. Ordinariliy, while I might leave it on in the background I only really watch when there’s something on I actually want to see — an that’s vanishingly rare these days when info-mercials and bad reality shows command so many time slots. But during football season I’ll watch not only the games but also the sports talk shows like NFL AM, Sports Center and others, and I can promise you that once the SEC channel starts up I’ll be giving that some time, too. I AM Southern, after all!!

My teams are the Georgia Bulldogs and the Atlanta Falcons, and that makes it easy to wear team colors because I can use the same ones for both — though that definitely isn’t the reason I picked my teams. I cheer for The Dawgs vs. ANY other team, I cheer for just about any SEC team vs. non-SEC competition — except for South Carolina, and that’s only because I’ve never liked Steve Spurrier — and otherwise I pretty much cheer for whatever team is playing a team ranked ahead of my Dawgs. I’m the same way with the pros. Falcons first, conference second, and then any pro team playing a team ranked ahead of the Falcons.

I cheer for my own teams for obvious reasons. I cheer for conferences because a conference with a winning record makes all of its teams look good. Back in 1980 when Georgia beat Notre Dame for the national championship I was there in the Super Dome in New Orleans watching and screaming rather a lot, and I remember very well what people nationwide were saying leading up to the game. They were saying that the game was going to be a joke, and that Georgia shouldn’t even BE there, and couldn’t POSSIBLY beat Notre Dame. After all, look at who they played during their regular season!! The SEC???? This last was always said with a roll of the eyes back then. Funny thing about that, in retrospect!

These days with the SEC having won the last six national football championships, and (in fact) 12 of the 22 total BCS Championships since 1992, no one is doing much eye-rolling when the conference is mentioned these days, and because the conference as a whole has such an impressive record its teams are more respected overall. I like that, so I’ll cheer for The Tide, and Auburn, and LSU, and Tennessee, and Vandy, and Kentucky, and Ole Miss, and Mississippi State, and Florida, and the Aggies and Missou as long as they aren’t playing UGA. Guess what. I’ll even cheer for Georgia Tech vs. non-SEC rivals. Imagine that!

But Football Season is rolling in now, so in closing I have only two things to say: Go DAWGS and Falcons RISE UP!

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