Ballade No.1

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August 26, 2013 by phicks2012

Once again delving into the barrel of medieval verse forms, and setting myself the task of writing poetic examples in those forms, last winter I took upon myself the challenge of writing a poem in the Ballade form.

The rhyme scheme is ABABBCBC ABABBCBC ABABBCBC BCBC, and because so many of the lines have to rhyme with one another (6 A-rhymes, 14 B-rhymes, and 8 C-rhymes) it posed something of a challenge indeed, even though some of the C-rhymes are repeating refrains! Fortunately, a lot of things rhyme with tree and name, so I was able to manage it, and I hope I did reasonably well.

The poem was penned in November, but it was intended from the onset to be published in the February issue of my SCA newsletter, and so was composed in honor of Saint Valentine’s Day. I hope you enjoy it!

Ballade No.1: “Two Lovers”

Two lovers meet beneath the kissing tree
Upon the bole to there inscribe their names,
Where lovers past left lasting memory,
And lovers yet to come will do the same.
Their passion and devotion to proclaim
Within the compass of a carven heart
The captive symbol of a lover’s claim
Forever linked, and nevermore apart.

The dagger sharp as lover’s words may be
Will there define in permanence their aim
To cleave together to infinity
And, if they fail, together bear the blame.
Where love is certain there can be no shame,
If doubting was not present at the start.
Love’s pawns continue, playing well the game,
Forever linked, and nevermore apart.
Where souls are linked no evil there we see,
Nor darkness to contaminate or maim,
Where endless hope defines serenity
And no perversity they need disclaim.
The marks forever there within the frame
Eternal adultation meant to chart
And in success may come to measure fame
Forever linked, and nevermore apart.

Carve deeply there the symbols, lovers named.
Forever know the course of Cupid’s dart
And there upon the bole make known your claims.
Forever linked, and nevermore apart.

[27 November, 2012]

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