The Eyes of a Child

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August 9, 2013 by phicks2012

So here we go again with the poetry! Yes, when the Muse stalks and attacks, some of us really have no other recourse but to set pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. This particular bit of verse was inspired when a friend commented that too many people had lost or abandoned their sense of wonder, and because I happened to agree with that sentiment I settled myself down and jotted down the verse below. I hope you enjoy it!

“The Eyes of a Child”

When life still was greening, a flower in the bud,
With hearts full of wonder and fire in the blood,
We gazed upon magic, and knew heaven smiled,
Because we looked out through the eyes of a child.

We heard the bright music that happiness brings,
And we could believe in impossible things
Like wishes, and wizards, and dragons at dawn
And dreams that endured, while the child lingered on.

But living can rob us, and touch us with grief,
And steal away much of our childlike belief
In things that are woven of fantasy’s thread,
And drive out the child, leaving naught in its stead.

We linger with laughter too seldom our lot
Because of the changes that living has brought,
But hunger for magic that once so beguiled
When we could out through the eyes of a child.

Could we but reclaim it, that wonder we knew
When hearts were unsullied and dreaming was new,
Would we find the magic that living has cost,
Reclaiming our dreams with the child we have lost?

The magic can touch us. Tis not truly gone
If we can believe that the child lingers on,
And hearts can be opened to miracles’ lure,
If we can remember the child we once were.

Recalling the wonder that so long ago
With time we abandoned or learned to forego,
The dreams can return, all unfettered and wild,
If we can look out through the eyes of a child.

[16 June, 2013]

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