Rondeau #1 “For Honor’s Sake”


August 5, 2013 by phicks2012

Experimenting with different poetic forms, I’ve been trying to write at least one verse representative of each of these forms, and the verse below was penned as an example of the “Rondeau”.

With a rhyme scheme of AABBABBACBBAABC this was a challenge to write because there are so very many repeating rhymes. It required 6 A-rhymes and 7 B-rhymes, not counting the two repeated refrain lines, and that means starting off by selecting words that have a LOT of possible rhymes.

Getting your point across while facing this challenge, is moderately difficult, but I hope that you will enjoy my effort.

Rondeau #1 “For Honor’s Sake”

For Honor’s sake we lift the blade
As in true fealty oaths are made
That we may chivalry assure;
Our hearts unsullied; motives pure,
Deserving of the accolade.
And in our manner we endure,
For service is no sinecure
Nor warranted to be repaid,
For Honor’s sake.
And by our arts we reassure
And may resist the dark allure
Of open paths more smoothly laid,
But answer calls to be obeyed
And lesser summons all abjure,
For Honor’s sake.

[1 September, A.S. XLVII 2012]
Written in the “Rondeau” form


2 thoughts on “Rondeau #1 “For Honor’s Sake”

  1. woodie says:

    so true !

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