Shire! Shire for July

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August 2, 2013 by phicks2012

Unless you are REALLY new to my BLOG, you know very well by now that back in 2002 when searching desperately for something to fill space in my monthly SCA Newsletter “The Equinox” I created a comic strip that was not expected to continue beyond that single issue. For comedic nspiration, I used an actual person (in SCA persona), and somehow the strip was a hit and other people also wanted to be included despite the fact that I would obviously be making fun of them. They gave me tons of ideas for things they might be doing in the comics, and the rest (as they so often say say) is history. I ended up doing four single-panel strips a month to simply keep up with the ideas, and the ideas are still flowing – if from few sources these days.

I like to think that I’ve made a few improvements over time, managing to better capture the likenesses of the people around me who continue to serve as inspiration, and of the pop culture characters I’ve attempted to portray just for amusement. I hope you agree, since I’m going to continue sharing these images.

In previous BLOG installments, I reprinted small selections of strips from the various years, but now I’ve reached the present time, so it is now my plan to run the comics only once a month as they are published.

The comics continue to be archived at for anyone wanting to check them out, and I do allow them to be reprinted in other SCA newsletters if the local Chroniclers contact me for permission.

I doubt that history will record me along with Leonardo or even Jackson Pollack, as a great light of the art world, but I do enjoy the challenges and the sheer fun of creating the strips! Below, therefore, are the comics released in July of 2013, and I hope you enjoy them.


shireshire-1307a shireshire-1307b shireshire-1307c shireshire-1307d


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