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July 30, 2013 by phicks2012

Nearly a week ago I woke bright and early planning to post to my BLOG, and was greeted by a pop-up warning of Imminent Drive Failure!!! I hate warnings like that, but (of course) I hate drive failure more, so I did a hasty backup of a few critical files to my aging laptop, and trotted off to the PC Afterdark with my CPU, promising God my firstborn child (actually I’m past worrying about that, but you get my drift) if only everything turned out well and no data was lost.

I also needed the media ports on the front of the tower (those had never worked from day one) to be fixed. I’d have seen to that sooner if it hadn’t also meant unplugging my system and hauling it in to the shop, but I can be lazy that way.

They kept it for several long days while I made do with my laptop, and I’m afraid I didn’t get my BLOG done as planned, but this morning after socializing in the pasture with my friendly local farrier (and having my horses manicured), I finally got THE CALL!

I love the folks at PC Afterdark. They do great work, stand behind what they sell, and have never overcharged me! I now have my system up and running again and can get back on schedule with my BLOGGING, my writing (poetry and prose), my cartooning, and my newsletter publishing! Hallelujah!! Thank you, God! Hope you don’t hold the unliklihood of my now having a firstborn against me!

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