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June 24, 2013 by phicks2012

I’ve always written poetry. Even when I was small I liked to create my own nursery rhymes, and I wish I could remember some of them now, all of these many years later, just so I could share them along with a good laugh.

In fact, a lot of the verse I wrote in school is long lost, because sometimes that happens when papers get misplaced or tossed out by a parent doing spring cleaning and not realizing what’s being tossed.

Computers have their drawbacks too, and some verses were lost to a computer crash years ago, but after that I started backing everything upon multiple drives and computers, and at least now everything is filed together.

The verse below was written regarding the virtues of courage, and bravery, and how to be courageous does not always mean to be fearless. I hope you enjoy it.


Where fear arises, there may courage dwell,
For when we have no fear there comes no need
To rise to conquer trepidation’s spell,
Or choose the path to the heroic deed.

When we are certain that the road we take
Will lead through noisome fens or mountains rough,
But must be followed, and that choice we make,
Then in that choice is bravery enough.

If, facing animus or reprimand,
Against intimidation we hold true
To what we know is right, we stand
With courage granted rarely, and to few.

We need not lift a sword or raise a shield
To stand in courage. Heroes may appear
In many guises, and their honor wield
With empty hands, if they but persevere.

If we but honor what we know is just
Despite our fears of censure or of pain,
Then courage lies in doing what we must
To render justice as our hearts ordain.

The great need not be fearless; ever bold.
To overcome our dread will work as well,
And when the tales of bravery unfold,
Where fear arises, there may courage dwell.

[09 May, 2012]

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