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June 17, 2013 by phicks2012

Every year I try very hard to maintain a functional garden. Most of what I grow are herbs and fruits, with a few vegetables thrown into the mix, and every year I have some successes and some failures.

Once upon a time I couldn’t get dill to survive — but then I found a hardy plant, and now it’s trying to take over a whole area. It’s starting to look like a tree, and has stalks that could almost be cut for use in making furniture.

Once upon a time I had no problem with tomoates — but now they seem prone to failure, at least when planted directly in the ground. This year, figuring belatedly that the problem might very well be something in the soil, I planted my tomatoes in pots and in one of those Topsy Turvey things, and the ones in the pots are doing wonderfully. The Topsy Turvy plant is not doing half as well, though it’s surviving too.

My rosemary is thriving, as are my sage, oregano, thyme, mint, catnip, basil (which also seems to do much better in a pot), and cilantro, but for some reason lavendar still tends to fail after a while. My leaks, and peas, and peppers (of several varieties) are doing well, but the okra is struggling. The yellow squash, while the plants were large, did not produce last year, but this year they’re already yielding. That’s good, because the asparagus produces only spindly stalks about the size of skewers.

My fig tree and blueberries are fruiting, but I’ve still had no luck with pomegranate bushes, and seem destined to share my strawberries with squirrels.

So if there are any gardening masters out there among you, I could use advice on Asparagus, Pomegranates and Squirrels.

I’ve mulched, and fertilized, and companion planted, but somehow I just can’t seem to find the secrets, or figure out the problems! HELP!!!!

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