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June 10, 2013 by phicks2012

Okay, so as I’ve told you numerous times before I created a comic strip for my SCA newsletter “The Equinox” back in 2002 when I had space to fill, and to my shock it proved to be a hit, even with the local victims portrayed therein. I got so many ideas presented to me that I had to print multiple strips in each issue of the newsletter just to keep the jokes from ossifying before they could be published. I mean, some of the humor did (and still does) rely upon a familiarity with current inside jokes, and once people forget about the incident involved they stop getting the point — if you get MY point. So some jokes do have a “shelf life”, and you do have to deal with that reality.

The strips are still being created and published, and I choose to believe that I’ve made improvements over the past 10+ years, managing to better capture the likenesses of the folk around me who serve as inspiration, and of the pop culture characters I’ve tried to portray just for amusement. I hope you agree, since I’m going to continue sharing these images for a while — at least until I reach the present date!

The comics continue to be archived at for anyone wanting to check them out, and I do allow them to be reprinted in other SCA newsletters if the local Chroniclers contact me for permission.

I probably should have looked for a Comics for Dummies book before I started, and I’ve never been delusional enough to think that I have the kind of artistic talent that will endure, but I do enjoy the challenges and the fun of creating the strips! Below, therefore, are some selections from the Tenth Year (2011), and I hope you enjoy them.


shireshire-1101a shireshire-1104c shireshire-1103a shireshire-1107b shireshire-1111d shireshire-1110d shireshire-1112c

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