The Makers

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May 27, 2013 by phicks2012

Sometimes I just like to write verses in celebration of individuals, events, or concepts, but in this case I’ve created a verse in praise of those who fashion works of art by hand with an eye to beauty and permanence. Without Artisans in our world of mass-produced, utilitarian, plastic merchandise cheaper to replace than to repair, we would all be reduced, and I respect their dedication and their art. This is for them!

“The Makers”

With curving blade, and laden brush, and needle silver bright,
With piercing awl, and hammer in its arc
With trailing thread, and golden shears, and linen softly white,
With tool and skill the maker leaves his mark.

The painted cloth that rides the wind, the belt that bears the weight
Of sheath well-tooled and sword steel-bladed keen,
The carven chest that guards the wealth that time would desecrate;
Their makers serve undaunted, if unseen.

The tapestry that glorifies the deeds that brave men do,
The armor bright that keeps them safe from pain,
The woven shawl for winter’s bite, the bow well-wrought of yew,
Their makers stand defiant, if unnamed.

Without a hand to turn the lathe, or guide the sharpened blade;
Without an eye to see what will become,
Without a maker’s craft and art these things will not be made,
No sword to wield, no mellow lute to strum.

So praise we here the makers all who toil in beauty’s name
Creating wonders with their hearts and hands.
To render miracles of craft that they may never claim,
But that the roll of decades will withstand.

[02 June A.S. 2010]

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