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May 15, 2013 by phicks2012

In our world we learn as we grow to be adults that the monsters of our childhood can sometimes be real, but if we are very, very lucky we also encounter heroes worthy of respect, love, and emulation. They might not wear colorful capes or have x-ray vision or a magic lasso, but they set glowing examples for the rest of us, and well deserve to be praised.

Here is my effort.


To those who rise above the rest by virtue of their skill,
And in the realm of honor tower tall,
We sing their praise and for a toast our mugs and goblets fill,
For they stand as examples to us all.

With shadows stretching longer and with sword points never dull.
With arrow swift or polished helm that gleams.
Their hands are never empty, and their hearts are ever full,
They live and do embody all our Dreams.

They serve without expecting praise, or tower in their art,
Or lift their shield to guard a fallen friend,
They teach the young and lead the old and know to stand apart
When pettiness and greed are on the wind.

Whatever else the seasons bring, or how our paths may wind,
Or how we chase the dreams that we desire,
The world must have its heroes by their quality defined,
To teach us to what heights we may aspire.

[26 April, 2012]

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