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April 27, 2013 by phicks2012

I don’t do Gardening altogether, as a general rule, for the sheer joy of it. I live in a heavily wooded area and own livestock, and every summer I tend to wage on on-going war not only against predatory squirrels but also against fire ants, and ticks. I spread seasonal pest control granules on my lawn to keep these (as much as possible) out of the yard, but when I garden I still manage to get targeted by insectoid ninjas, and if a tick manages to bite me the bite doesn’t go away for at least a week. I HATE TICKS, and would detest them even it they didn’t potentially carry rather nasty diseases.

I garden also because I like to use fresh garden herbs. and vegetables and fruits when I cook, and because I can use them to make Christmas Gifts. I get decorative jars and bottles and make my own decorative labels for herbs, and herbal vinegars and other products. In my yard, Rosemary, sage, parsley  and dill tend to be year-round, but I’ve missed the plants that die out over the winter. I like it when I can have those again — and I’m looking forward, as the weather warms up, to having fresh basil, and dill, and mint, and catnip, and tomatoes, and peppers of varying types, and figs, and blueberries, and strawberries and other fruits and vegetables.

My asparagus is starting to sprout too, though the stalks on that have never yet gotten particularly thick (any ideas on that, folks?) and I’m really hoping the new pomegranate bush I planted a couple of years ago will finally start bearing this year. Though I was promised it would bear when I bought it, my old bush has never (after nearly ten years) had a pomegranate on it. I was promised yet again when I bought this new one from a different vendor that it would bear fruit, but it was a small plant. I didn’t anticipate it bearing fruit for a couple of years. It would be really cool if it would start this year, though!

So, the pepper (cayenne, bell, sweet banana and jalapeno), the basil, and the tomato plants all are set, and seeds have been planted for okra, and peas, and Yellow Squash — and are starting to sprout. The leeks are looking healthy, and I’ve replaced my thyme (which finally died of old age). The fig tree and the pomegranates are sprouting, the oregano is putting out like crazy, the sage and dill are bushing up, the irises I dug up last fall to thin out the beds and haven’t yet relocated are growing without being planted — need to do something about those — and I transplant a rooted crape myrtle, too. Once I transplant a rejuvenated blueberry (to join its brethren), I think I’ll be set!!!

Wish me luck, and a thriving Garden!!!

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