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April 24, 2013 by phicks2012

There is very little on TV during the day to tempt me anyway, but during the mayhem and sadness following the Boston Marathon Bombings last week I found myself watching the continuing coverage of that tragedy, wondering how and when the forces of justice were going to catch the two soulless bastards who somehow thought they were justified in killing and maiming so many innocent people, and how ANYONE could possibly justify such an act.

Was the motivation religious fanatacism, and if so what sort of God could possibly santify the slaughter of innocents?

Were the bombers driven by political fanaticism, and if so, what cause could possibly think to benefit from such senseless carnage? What sort of people could possibly be won over to any cause as the result of such a thing?

Were the perpetrators simply angry, frustrated young men unhappy with their lives and feeling driven to create misery in other lives, and if so –unless they were monsters — just how could their own lives possibly be made any better by killing and destroying others?

Were they both, as unlikely as it seems, simply insane?

Well, now apparently one of the bombers is dead and the other caught, and everyone is clamoring for answers. I still don’t know the “why” and will never be able to “understand” it, for all that I speculate right along with so many. But watching the coverage proved to be cathartic without being hysteria-inducing. The media seemed to be covering the tragedy in a responsible manner, the authorities seemed to be cooperating across jurisdictional lines and the public seemed to be pitching in to help rather than to hinder.

So many rushed in at the risk of their own lives to help the injured that — despite the bitter reminder that monsters do exist — I was again reminded that so do heroes. The names of monsters may unfortunately be remembered, but the efforts of heroes should be the examples we raise!




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