Song of May — A Bit Early


April 12, 2013 by phicks2012

I like to write poetry. If you’ve been following my BLOG, you know that every few posts contains a poem, and it’s therefore that time again.

This verse was written, as many have been over the long years, for inclusion in my SCA newsletter, in which I like to print a different verse each month, and I hope it meets with your collective approval!
Song of May

As May is born of nubile spring, with blossoms in her hair,
So sweetly cloaked in virgin green, she lingers dancing there.
Her eyes like vernal skies are blue, her lips like roses red,
And when she sleeps her tresses flow like rivers from her bed.

Each year anew she sings her song to mark the height of spring
When hills all verdant skirted stand, and larks rise caroling.
The meads with blossoms sweet are strewn; the hills are scented green
When May comes softly through the grass, a rose-anointed Queen.

With every dawn in jeweled gown she rises crimson clad,
When birdsong hangs upon the air and all the world is glad.
In velvet dusk she seeks her bed where budding lilies sway,
And whippoorwills sing lullabies to lull the Lady May.

Though brief her reign, with roses crowned, she sings a merry song,
And Life renewing journeys wide and takes the world along.
She rules in beauty and in grace, and leaves no cause to mourn,
At last when sister June is come to see the summer born.

[20 April, 2010]


2 thoughts on “Song of May — A Bit Early

  1. Gus the Garroter!!! says:

    Well then there is the really fine poetry!
    An Impetuous Couple named Kelley
    Was forced to walk belly to belly
    For in their Haste
    ………………………………..I’ll leave the last two lines to you….
    Some things never change

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