For Isabetta

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March 16, 2013 by phicks2012

When we lose friends we send flowers to their funerals and cards to their families, and we weep together over their loss, especially if that loss was unforeseen and untimely. For myself, I also write poetry to pass along, and often to read at memorial services, and can only hope that my efforts mean something.

May and June — but most especially June — have not been lucky months for me when it comes down to it. The weather tends to be beautiful, but in recent years I’ve lost several friends during those months, and in 2006 I lost another friend who died in an auto accident at a very young age. When she was alive she laughed — a lot. She likened herself to a garden gnome because she was small and round, and she made others laugh along with her.

As a result, the tradition continued, and I wrote the following verse for Isabetta/Angie (which I hope you enjoy) in her memory:

For Isabetta

Bright-eyed child, her bawdy laughter rang when e’er she came our way.
Free in loving, ever after locked in memory to stay.

Small in stature, rich in spirit, deep of humor, wide of heart,
She has taken other pathways, now to make her way apart.

Gone from lives of those who loved her, into tales that all may tell.
Now in sunlit vales to linger, and in memory to dwell

Never failing to remember, ever failing to forget,
That she lived her life too briefly, we will evermore regret.

[30 June, 2006]

Isabetta Asini

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