Third Comic Strip Standing

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March 7, 2013 by phicks2012

As I stated in several previous posts, I am the Chronicler for our local SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) chapter (The Shire of Sol Haven), and thus responsible to putting out the monthly newsletter (The Equinox). In my case, the “Creative” part has been very important to me, and I’ve created both poetry and art (along with articles, puzzles, quizzes, and other items) for use in the newsletter, especially in times when my readers haven’t been forthcoming themselves about contributing work for publication.

After 23+ years of producing this newsletter (which averages over 36 pages an issue) you learn how to fill the space, and back in 2002 when I had a half-page to fill I pressured a member of my group into giving me something. She prompty sat down and drew a simple comic poking fun at a colorful local Knight, and I published it. But she wouldn’t do another one the next month, so I figured I’d try doing something of the same sort myself. After all, while no Rembrandt or Michaelangelo, I did “draw”, and I figured that I ought to be able to manage a simple comic! Taking my lead from what she’d done the month before, I drew a comic poking fun at the Lady who had given me the first one, and knowing she had a great sense of humor and wouldn’t object.

I never really anticipated doing more comic strips, but when other people badgered me to create more installments, and kept supplying me with ideas, I kept going. I expanded on the original notion to include more characters, chosing other people with quirky personalities and well-developed senses of humor, and they actually seemed to be flattered. In fact, they appeared to love it, and they generated yet more ideas! They furnished me with so many ideas that I very soon had more than enough drawn to cover the full year, and I was fearful, as a result, that the jokes were going to be outdated before they could be published. Humor can be like that, so I needed a solution — especially since the ideas just kept on coming in.

The answer, supplied by one of my “characters”, was to print more than one comic in each issue of the newsletter — so I started printing two in each issue, and after a couple of years it was up to three, and eventually to four — at which number it still currently stands.

Over time I think I’ve improved my ability to capture closer likenesses to the people portrayed, and to the other pop culture characters sometimes included for fun, and I’ve also added other improvements to the strips. I hope you agree as I continue to include installments in my posts!

The comics continue to be archived at for anyone wanting to check them out, and I do allow them to be reprinted in other SCA newsletters if the local Chroniclers contact me for permission.

I make no claims to great artistic talent, but I do enjoy doing the strips! Below are some selections from the Third Year (2004), and I hope you enjoy them.

shireshire-0404 shireshire-0405 shireshire-0408 shireshire-0409 shireshire-0410 shireshire-0411

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