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February 7, 2013 by phicks2012

As I’v said before, I love Shakespearean style Sonnets. They’re short, have a simple ryhme scheme and meter, and are a lot easier to write than some other forms like the Rondeau or (God forbid) the Ballade — examples of which I’ll get around to posting later. However, I also love the Petrarchian, or Italian, Sonnet.

As you might have gathered, if you’d been following my Blog, I enjoy writing structured poetry. I’ll undertake Blank Verse on occasion, but if the lines are neither rhymed nor metered I just don’t do them. *Sighs* Sorry. Sometimes my subject matter is slightly dark, but most of the time it isn’t — because I prefer being upbeat in a world where so much already is dark, and would rather add to the lightness than vice versa.

So here is a Patrarchian style sonnet I wrote back in 2005 for my SCA newsletter, The Equinox.

Sonnet No. 17

Stride forth from sunlit swards, ye Lords of might;
Ye stalwarts, born of verdant Erin’s blood.
In greening spring near to the springing flood.
Go forth with sword and all enarmored bright
Great honor bring unto your hearts’ delight;
Those Ladies fair who wait enamoréd
While stealthy spring brings waiting boughs to bud,
To wear a Crown set round with jewels bright.
For Kingdoms’ rule fight truly, and engage
Each worthy foe in honor, though with blade
You may contest his might and right to reign.
For Lady’s heart fight bravely, and the page
Upon which history’s bold words are laid
May then in Royal roles record your name.

[May 13th, 2005]

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