Early Spring or Fake-Out?

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January 19, 2013 by phicks2012

It’s a cold 45-degrees, but otherwise a gorgeous day in mid-January — sunny with a painfully blue sky, and perfect for a bit of pre-spring gardening. So, because I’m trying to be proactive and productive, I got out this morning with my hoe and rake and re-tilled all of the planting beds to make them ready for new seedlings when the time comes. What I didn’t really anticipate was the appearance of daffodil shoots thrusting boldly and suddenly forth from the earth in January. Somehow, I’d expected that to happen just a BIT later, when Spring was more than just a distant fantasy. Not wanting to kill those, I had to curtail my herbicide usage in those areas, and it begins to appear that I’ll need to re-plant my iris bulbs earlier than previously planned. Okay, and my day
lilies are starting to peek out too. Go figure!

My asparagus plants, which have never produced thick shoots worthy of a dinner plate, are nevertheless putting out, my rosemary is (as usual) thriving in the winter, and once again my dill is continuing to sprout. The sage doesn’t look all that robust, so in the spring I may re-plant that, but the parsley is growing. and the sweet marjoram and oregano are surviving, too. The only thing that really looks DEAD is my thyme, and that may just be dormant.

Come spring, I’ll definitely be replanting peppers (banana, cayenne, bell, and jalapeno) and tomatoes. I haven’t had much luck with onions, and while squash has done well in the distant past it hasn’t done well for the past few years. Melons — well, I’ve yet to get one of those to do well, and the same with pumpkins, so I hesitate to try those again.
But I’m soliciting suggestions for other vegetables and culinary herbs that will grow well in raised beds in north Georgia, so if anyone has any suggestions I’d love to hear them!! So feel free to chime in, you gardeners out there!


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