Basement Blues?

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January 17, 2013 by phicks2012

Basement Blues

I love dark jewel tones! Some people who otherwise share my fondness for such colors don’t think they suit very well for interior wall paint because they supposedly make rooms “close in” and seem smaller, but — strangely enough — if you happen to have large rooms with high ceilings that really isn’t all that much of an issue!! Funny thing about that!!

In any case, while all of my rooms started out being painted in nice, neutral greys, the time is coming when a number of rooms are going to need repainting, and I plan to change that. After all, nice neutral greys show dirt, and fingerprints, and smudges, and have to be cleaned WAY too often. Besides being warm and vibrant, dark jewel tones hide a multitude of sins.

In the meanwhile, we’ve been sheet-rocking and painting the unfinished basement, and not starting out with nice neutral greys. A few people said they thought I was moderately nuts — which I guess is rather like being mildly delusional — to paint the bathroom down there a dark hunter green. I disagree, but to each his or her own, and oddly enough no one has really made any negative comments concerning the dark blue I’ve been painting the basement walls in the main room as pieces of sheetrock are added, mudded, and sanded one-by-one. It’s a good thing, too, because I really love the way it gives the basement a nice, warm, comfortable ambiance, and of course there’s getting to be more of it all the time as the job progresses.

When we’re done — hopefully while I’m still young enough to focus on and remember the details — the main room of the basement will be part library, part entertainment center, and part bar. More shelves are necessary, too, because I seldom met — or at least BOUGHT — a book or movie (VHS or DVD) I didn’t like, and I’m not at all good about getting rid of them once they enter my collection. The plan, as a result, is to construct five more shelves before I’m done — not counting the “special shelf” I’m plotting. The basement will, eventually, also have a ceiling!!!

IMG_6950 fireplace-basement

In any case, as of today, I’m pleased to announce that two more sections of wall got their coats of blue paint, and that as soon as I purchase a couple of pieces of corner molding and stain them those areas will be all done, and ready for a couple of those shelves I mentioned to be built and added! I’d have new pictures if my media card reader were working. In the meanwhile, tomorrow we plan to start on the walls in the bar, so wish us luck, skill, and as few dribbles and spatters as possible — and if you have painting or remodeling tales to share, please do so!!

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