Chapter and Verse?


January 5, 2013 by phicks2012

So, when Lyrica (the insidiously lurking muse of Lyric Poetry) creeps up on me, I suddenly have an inescapable urge to rhyme things, and I begin scrambling for a pen and paper — because I’m still “old school” that way, and don’t tend to carry a computer with me to Kroger, Home Depot, or Dollar General Store. I scrawl notes on the backs of grocery lists, cash register receipts, and envelopes, and tell myself each time that the NEXT time I’ll carry one of those little journal books along with me — or a memo pad, or something! I almost never do, though.

Fortunately, for me at least, the muse most often strikes when I’m safely at home and keyboard enabled. Thus, I can start typing immediately and continue between trips to the kitchen, forays into the garden, jaunts to feed livestock, and journeys to the laundry room. I can compose while doing housework, and rush back to my office to type out lines between mopping and dusting and working on projects.

But I also love to laugh, and the verse below was written in that light, so I hope you’ll enjoy it!
Sonnet No.14 – To Laughter

I mark me how the rapturous stream doeth spill
From sources deep and freshened by delight;
The heart untethered and the soul refilled;
The eye full-brimming and irriguous bright;
The music quickened and the rhythm glad,
Impetuous, and blithe as joy may be;
The loose-limbed languor mocking all things sad,
With sweet out-pourings of pure levity.
The clement countenance, sparks radiant then,
Enchanted, softened, and from inward lit.
The sweet ambrosial music spills again
A rindle rushing from a fount of wit.
All that which brings us joy must come thereof,
And those who bring us laughter, we must love.

[03 May 3rd, 2004]


2 thoughts on “Chapter and Verse?

  1. Judy malusa. says:

    I have been keeping up with you for a while .each time you write a new verse I smile. I know it will be bright and witty. Some time even down right pretty. Sling a rhyme , draw a sign it keeps you mind in time with the now of life. Smiles Gillian.Just having a bit of fun. I do love your writing.

    • Peggy says:

      Thanks, Gillian! It’s always good to hear a word from old friends from an earlier time, and when they savor the absurd in my wee ditties and odd rhymes! 😉

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