Weed Assassin!!

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December 30, 2012 by phicks2012

I am a Weed Assassin!!! One of my nefarious goals this year was to clean out and till all of my raised flower, herb and vegetable beds this winter. I had no intention, of course, of uprooting my dill, or rosemary, or sage, or oregano — or of digging up my azaleas or my Greek myrtle. Those are thriving, and I really prefer not to mess with a good thing, but I am dead set on getting rid of the grass and weeds that have crept in over the past couple of years in particular beds. Take THAT, weeds!!!

So, with the unexpected magical assistance of the Garden Fairy, who dug up all of my many iris bulbs (to be replanted before Spring), I’m proud to announce that I’ve almost managed the daunting task. Today I tilled the last designated area, and sprayed with RoundUp the spots where the most persistent and pernicious weeds might possibly have left stubborn remnants — just to make sure the little buggers were unlikely to rear their annoying (and in the case of poison ivy and oak “irritating”) fronds again any time soon.

My intention is to keep tilling through the winter to make absolutely sure my weed assasination efforts are successful, and then to mulch, mulch, MULCH! By spring, with any luck at all, I hope to be able to start afresh with nice, clean, well-turned beds where re-planted mint, and lavendar, and parsley — and of course peppers and irises and basil — and maybe starwberries, if I can salvage any of those — can grow like crazy!!!

I’ll be trying topsy-turvy growers for my tomatoes next year though. The past two years I’ve suddenly had problems with the leaves turning brown and the plants bearing very few tomatoes, and I’m told it’s probably something in the soil, and that if nothing else worked I should avoid growing tomatoes for a year. Well, I will. I’ll avoid growing them in the ground.

So wish me luck, and tell my brother to put bees out here again next year!!

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