The End of the World Has Come and Gone!

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December 22, 2012 by phicks2012

World’s End

The world as we knew it they promised would end,
Upon Winter’s Solstice to nevermore mend.
They told us the planets and stars would align,
Nibiru would strike us by Mayan design.
So we had a revel, our banners unfurled,
To be there with friends at the end of the world.
The folk were invited, refreshments were made,
To face the world’s end with a toast, unafraid.
But when the time came for the threat to be hurled,
They’d made other plans for The End of the World.
Though many had sworn that they’d surely be there,
Most did not appear, Armageddon to share.
Thus, when the world ended, those folks did not know,
But wandered in ignorance, all status quo.
Not yet realizing the world was no more,
They just went on living as they had before.
In gambesons sweaty or doublets all pearled
To blithely inhabit a virtual world.
But deep in December the world went away,
And those celebrating knew that was the day.
We watched for Niburu to come crashing in
With planets aligning to pressage the end,
All knowing our nemesis soon would appear,
And lifted our mugs as the time hovered near.
That’s how the world ended, with few in the know,
While others denied it, it’s certainly so.
The End of the World really happened, you hear!
The truth of the matter’s we’re no longer here!

[22 December 2012]

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