The Sporting Life


November 26, 2012 by phicks2012

Confession Time! I’m a sports junkie, and it’s about the only thing I’m superstitious about. I love watching Olympic style sports like gymnastics, figure skating, equestrian, skiing, archery, swimming and diving, speed skating, some of the track and field, and even curling — though not so much water polo except when the guys get OUT of the pool. But when it comes to fandom I have to admit that when football season rolls around I can usually be found on weekends lurking not far from a large-screen TV waiting for either the Georgia Bulldogs (or some other SEC Team) or the Atlanta Falcons to take the field.

What? You thought only guys were football fans? I went to school at UGA, and attended all of their home games (and quite a few away games) while I was there. I was also sitting – or rather jumping up and down and screaming a lot — in the Superdome in New Orleans in 1980 when Georgia defeated Notre Dame for the National Championship, and I still get a little silly on football weekends.

I cheer for my Dawgs, I’ll cheer for just about any other SEC team (except one coached by Steve Spurrier) vs. non-SEC competition, and I’ll even cheer for Georgia Tech as long as they aren’t messing with OUR conference — but not this PAST weekend. Nope!

This weekend was the occasion for the usual fracas/hate-fest between the Dawgs and the Yellow Jackets, and since I couldn’t go to the game I made plans to be right here with my HD TV, my trusty DVR, and my “I Bleed Red & Black” t-shirt watching my #3 Bulldogs have another go at the Ramblin’ Wreck.So there I was ignoring phone calls, wrapped up in a Bulldog throw, and eating only red and black M&Ms — hey, it’s only foolish if it doesn’t work, right? — and watching THE GAME.

Guess it worked, huh? Georgia scored in the first 63 seconds and never looked back. I can’t say for SURE it was the t-shirt, the throw or the M&Ms. It just might have has something to do with the fact that it’s a really good and well-coached team with tons of talent. GO DAWGS!! I just don’t like to take chances, you understand! — and WOW!  The Falcons won, too!

2 thoughts on “The Sporting Life

  1. Bridgette says:

    I bought a new GA shirt a while back and wore it when they played SC. Needless to say, I haven’t had it on again game day!

    • phicks2012 says:

      I wouldn’t be wearing that one again either, I’m afraid.!!! On the other hand, my “You Can’t Spell Sugar Without UGA” t-shirt has always been rather lucky, and I still have an old Terry Hoage jersey (vintage circa 1983) that frequently does the trick, too. We do what we must, right? LOL!

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