Gardening Miracle?


November 23, 2012 by phicks2012

I’d been planning for a while to get out this fall and totally dig up and re-till several planting beds to get rid of the persistent weeds that had gotten out of hand in those beds. Weeding was just non-stop in those areas, and the grass, vines and young tree-sprouts were unfortunately accompanied
by my nemesis (what’s the plural of “nemesis” anyway?) poison ivy and the dread poison oak.

Being sensitive especially to poison oak, I’m afraid I’d been delaying and dragging my feet on
starting — though, of course, as my antics with the Fraggle Rock should indicate, I did accomplish my goal in some spots.

I knew I had to get busy! The bed around the front of the castle was planted mostly with bulbs, and primarily with irises descended from a few bulbs given to me years ago by my mother. Every few years I have to dig them up, divide them, and find room for more anyway, but the plan was this year to dig up the bulbs, till the beds, kill all remaining weeds, and then replant the bulbs later.

Then, on last Saturday, the Gardening Fairy visited. My doorbell rang, I answered the door, and my housemate Jason asked “What do you think?” To my delight, the front beds had been completely emptied and tilled, and about five cardboard boxes of bulbs sat gathered off to one side! Not a trace of The Poison Sisters remained to be seen!

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So here’s to Jason! Thank you, and well done!

2 thoughts on “Gardening Miracle?

  1. JSolomon says:

    Send him over to my yard.

  2. phicks2012 says:

    LOL! He can be very helpful when he wants to be, and having your flower beds magically tilled is definitely worth bragging about!

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