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November 4, 2012 by phicks2012

About a year or so ago, after having been asked about a zillion times why the castle had never been used for a movie location, I took matters into my own hands and posted it as “available” with the Georgia Film Commission. That attracted an entertaining group of independent film-makers needing a location to film a trailer for a Nazi Vampire movie, and made for a very interesting day of filming.

Unfortunately, I’ve never seen the trailer despite googling and searching UTube, so I have no idea how that turned out. I do have a few photos of the experience, however, and later that year a location scout for “The Vampire Diaries” came by to check things out as well.

I had high hopes for that one, but then I didn’t hear back from them and had to figure that A) the castle just might not be what they were looking for, or B) one of my crazy housemates answered the call, pretended to be me, and blew them off. Don’t laugh that off, by the way! At the time this was very possible!

To tell the truth, if they didn’t want to use it that rather baffled me, because the place definitely is unique, and is isolated enough to make filming on a closed set much easier as well. I also wouldn’t much care if they wanted to dress some of the unfinished areas of the place as scenes, as long as they left the improvements in place when they were done, but then I’m not a Hollywood location scout, so I’m probably not qualified to judge.

But on October 6th another location scout came out to make photographs, so the Castle may still get immortalized on the HD screen, and if that happens I’ll be sure to let everyone know how it goes.

In the meanwhile, I invite you all to suggest — gently or not — to them that my house would make the PERFECT location for their show! Every little bit helps, right? And the annoyance factor alone might be beneficial!!


Has anyone out there ever had their house or property used for a filming location? If so, I invite you to share your experiences as I hope, eventually, to share mine!!!


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