The Zombie Apocalypse


November 2, 2012 by phicks2012

I’ve recently been informed by various normally cognizant and reasonably sane friends that in the event of the “Zombie Apocalypse” they all plan to come here to live in The Castle. The reasoning is, I believe, that I have a decent amount of acreage, that I have plenty of room and very few ground floor windows, and that a granite facade is fairly difficult for a decaying zombie to shove a decomposing arm through.

In any case, I’ve been thinking that with my track record for winding up with grifters and nutbars for housemates — no, not all, but enough to cause me future concern — I really ought to come up with some reasonable criteria for judging whether or not to let people move in when “The Zombie Apocalypse” hits.

With this in mind, I’m asking for suggestions other than
1) Cannot already be infected with the Zombie Virus
2) Must be able to make accurate head-shots
3) Cannot be a Known Psychotic.

So, what do you think? All suggestions will be welcomed and given the consideration they justly deserve, and will be factored in when the final determinations are made. I plan to publish the top ten, so get your suggestions in NOW!


4 thoughts on “The Zombie Apocalypse

  1. Chris Gibbs (Valamir) says:

    1) Must not demand homage and think they are a living goddess on Earth….nvm u covered that with not being a known nutball.
    2) Must have weapon (plus ability to use it) and or beneficial skill to add to militia (whining and or complaining is not beneficial skill but brewing/vintning or cooking is)

    • phicks2012 says:

      And here I thought whining and complaining were art/entertainment forms! Having a beneficial skill would definitely help to persuade me — and making mead wouldn’t hurt either! LOL!

  2. mollymock says:

    I will huff and I will puff if you don’t let me in…

    • phicks2012 says:

      Actually, I rather like Big Bad Wolves, as long as they don’t involve me in the war between the Vampires and the Lycans. That would sort of suck if I was already trying to avoid Zombies! 😉

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