Dry Site?


October 12, 2012 by phicks2012

A couple of years ago my basement started having moisture problems, and despite the fact that one of my friends thinks the word “moist” is very nearly obscene, this was a lot more troublesome than kinky.

Due to the Georgia humidity the metal water pipes overhead were sweating — not glistening in the form of proper southern womanhood — and dripping, and so was the water treatment tank where my well water is “softened”. I tried insulating the pipes with foam tubing — and since I still have no ceiling down there this was possible — but the drips continued anyway and I knew I was going to start having a mold problem if I didn’t do something about it.

The answer was a dehumidifier. I bought a small, modest unit, and that did the trick, believe it or not, but it sucked so much moisture out of the air that I had to empty (that’s “manually” empty) the 2.5 gallon reservoir a couple of times a day. Otherwise, when the reservoir got full the unit would just shut off and stop doing any good.

So, being something of a DIY type, I plumbed the thing — via a piece of tubing and some PVC fittings and hose fittings — into the line to the condensation pump that dealt with the runoff from my a/c unit in the basement, and VOILA! Problem solved!!

Okay, it was solved until the condensation pump died the other day and I had to replace it. It cost me $50 to replace the thing, shopping at Home Depot, and the first one I got was defective. A part was missing, but the folks at Home Depot were great about it and swapped it out, the good unit was a snap to hook up, and now my dehumidifier unit is back on line and the basement nice and dry again!

Thanks, Michael at Home Depot!

One thought on “Dry Site?

  1. rhonda says:

    I am impressed but not surprised!

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